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How to install whatsaap on pc laptop whatsaap Hack or not in urdu hindi

in video i will show you How to Install Whatsapp on PC Without any Emulator in Just Five Step By Step 10 , 8.1, 8, 7 | and i will also tell you its benefit of loss it can be hack or not so just keep watching



Step 1 : visit this website to Download Whatsapp

Step 2 :install it on Pc and Open Whatsapp. It is Easily Install on pc

Step 3 :After Installing Whatsapp Open Automatically but it will not
work now use your Android Mobile Phone.

Step 4 :Use Whatsapp on Mobile Phone to Scan the Code
Goto Option then Goto “Whatsapp Web”

Step 5 :whatsapp Ready to Use Just Enjoy

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